Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,
You know Pine Belt residents have been mostly good this year. There are those few in every crowd, however... And let’s face it, the political turmoil hasn’t helped. We hope you won’t hold the discord against us, but help make the season merry and bright for everyone.

A few of our friends took time to offer their wishes for the coming season, which you’ll find on the pages that follow – all of them are good hard-working people, but some give it that little extra to help make every day special for others. And as always, we hope you’ll help those non-profit agencies who depend so much on our community – through the giving of donations, volunteering their time or helping spread the word about their good deeds.

And then there are those good people who do what they can on a daily basis to make life better – whether in the business community, our schools and universities, healthcare institutions, government, private service sector and more.

But no matter who or what or how, Santa, we hope that everyone has a very blessed season.

Your buddies at Signature,
David, Beth, Kristen, Carly, Shannon, Nikki, Buster, Camal, Brittney, Brittany, Whitney, and Dave



Dear Santa,
Everyone here at Homes of Hope for Children is so grateful for all of the blessings we have received this year. Two new kids have found a safe place to call home on our campus, and all 21 of our children are thriving wonderfully. From excelling in band, basketball, drama, football, and track to receiving excellent grades in school, our boys and girls are surely all on your “Nice” list this year. You have our amazing houseparents to thank for that. Because of the legal battles we fight to get and keep children out of bad homes, these loving couples are given plenty of time to make a real difference in the life of each child who comes to be a part of their cottage families.

It has been amazing to see our campus continue to grow throughout the year. Serving the young adults who age out of our cottages through our Transitional Program will now be a reality, thanks to the Asbury Foundation.  These young adults will continue to receive all the support they need while living in the Asbury Transitional Duplex. Additionally, thanks to our generous supporters, we are in the process of completing a fourth home, which will be ready to serve 7 more children next summer.

 Santa, with so many local children still in need of safe homes, we have a big ask of you this Christmas. Please bring us the means to serve them by putting it on the hearts of 100 more members of our generous community to become monthly supporters of Homes of Hope for Children. Their partnership will allow us to further our mission of serving children in crisis throughout Mississippi by providing strong, Christian homes to every child that lives on campus while ensuring that each child is loved unconditionally and has their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs met.

The boys and girls in all three of our cottages are looking forward to working together with their houseparents to prepare your cookies and milk on Christmas Eve…and, while you’re hard at work laying out presents, your reindeer will have plenty of time to rest and refuel on the reindeer feed our little ones will have waiting for them!

Safe Travels,
Dr. Michael Garrett, executive director, Homes of Hope for Children, Inc.




Dear Santa,
The last two Christmases have been tough for the Moore family. I won’t ask for what we really want as I know that replacing a family member is not something you can do. But perhaps there is something you would consider so others don’t find themselves in our shoes. 

Santa, if you could give our community the gift of understanding the nature of addiction – the fact that it’s a disease and not a moral failing – perhaps those suffering from addiction might feel less shameful and seek help sooner when help is most likely to lead to a life of recovery.

If you could give insurance companies the gift of compassion so that they would cover the cost of addiction treatment – cover it for as long as it takes, and as many attempts as it takes – then fewer families like ours would face an empty chair this holiday season.

Santa, perhaps you could give the families of those struggling an understanding of how best to support those we love as they battle this unfair affliction. Remind us that when those we love relapse that there is plenty of shame and disappointment directed at themselves by themselves that any additional disappointment from us serves no purpose. Help us to understand that recovery is not about a bad person becoming good but a sick person becoming well.

For those struggling through the fog of active addiction, Santa, would you give the gift of knowing that even though they may feel that their addiction has caused irreparable harm to the relationships they value the fact is that those relationships are never beyond repair. Even when they may not feel loved, they are indeed loved. 

Santa, there are many invisible heroes living amongst us. Those who have found their life of long-term recovery and surround us in all walks of life experiencing the joy of normality they once thought impossible as they raise their families, hold down jobs, and contribute to our community. Santa, would you consider giving these silent, hidden heroes the courage to speak out about their triumph over addiction so that those still gripped by this disease will see that recovery is possible. These are not gifts that can be wrapped and put under a tree but these are the gifts we so badly need at this time.

Thanks in advance,
 The Moore family, James, Jan, and Jenny



Dear Santa,
What an incredible year we've had at Edwards Street Fellowship Center! It's a joy to visit with senior adult ladies every week as they attend our ladies' Bible study. Our thrift store's shelves and racks are filled with great bargains for our wonderful customers thanks to many generous donors. Nutritious fruits and vegetables grown in our community gardens are a blessing to our food pantry families.

We are thankful to see many uninsured adults from Forrest and Lamar counties receiving free medical care at Fellowship Health Clinic (www.fellowshipclinic.org). The clinic can always use basic supplies like toilet tissue, copy paper, Post-it notes, and ballpoint pens, as well as medical items like Band-aids for adults, cotton balls, Neosporin and alcohol prep pads.

 Santa, more than 1,200 Pine Belt households depend on our food pantry every month to provide them with nutritious emergency and supplemental food. If you have room in your sleigh, please send us some canned goods, like cans of soup, fruits, vegetables and meat, as well as staple items like rice, dried beans, peanut butter, pasta and pasta sauce.

You can drop these goodies by our food pantry or medical clinic at 1919 Edwards Street any weekday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. – not just during the Christmas holidays, but any time of year! Thank you, Santa!

Ann McCullen, Executive Director Edwards Street Fellowship Center



Dear Santa:
Here I am again, another year, a new set of needs for you to help quench.

As you know our wonderful City has a new administration. Put in your sack plenty of guidance and determination as they carry out their duties during the next four years. Include in this the new administration for our great nation, as well.

Please saturate our area with a big dose of calm and mutual restraint and respect in settling differences.

Also, we need a heap of protection and guidance for our police, firemen, first responders the military, and all others who are dedicated to serving and protecting.

Last, please bring care and protection for families with problems, and children in disturbed situations.  Please extend this care to non-profits, food banks, the homeless and all the people who work to make better lives for people in these situations.

Thank you…..

Your Friend,
Bud Kirkpatrick



Dear Santa,
As William Carey University celebrates our 125th anniversary we reflect on the many challenges and victories that have led to being the quality educational institution we are today. From modest beginnings to housing a medical school, a physical therapy doctoral program, various doctoral degrees in education and nursing, and opening a School of Pharmacy in 2018, we are Carey Strong! These words have been our inspiration as we recover from the EF3 tornado which struck our campus on January 21 destroying six buildings and damaging 90 percent of the remaining structures.

It was in these demanding times that our friends, supporters, and alumni stepped forward to assist in our remarkable recovery. The University of Southern Mississippi, our local sister school, showed her true colors when the President and others did all they could to assist in classroom space and housing. With recovery efforts moving steadily forward, new construction in progress, and an increased enrollment, we are most blessed.

The second biblical commandment tells us, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Indeed, we have been loved by many “neighbors” whose acts of encouragement and support are making Carey recovery a reality.

So, Santa, this Christmas we ask that you bless all our neighbors, especially those whose efforts for Carey will be long remembered.

Dr. Tommy King, President, William Carey University



Dear Santa,
Hope Clinic has been so good all throughout the year. We continue to offer free pregnancy testing and ultrasound to young women in unplanned pregnancies. 

Will you please help us check off as many items as possible? It would mean so much if you could! And if you are ever in town come visit us, we have enough room for the reindeer and your sleigh. We are located at 216 S. 27th Ave. Hattiesburg, MS or give us a ring at 601.264.2181

• Baby Diapers and Wipes

• Copy Paper

• Stamps

• Toilet Paper

• Kleenex

• Trash Bags & Cleaning Supplies

• Bottled Water

Can’t wait for Christmas.We love you!  Thank you Santa!

Forever with Love,
Hope Clinic



Dear Santa,
As the year comes to an end, I find myself in such a fortunate place. I’m blessed with good friends, love, health, supportive colleagues, and I continue to watch in amazement as my son grows into young adulthood. My heart is full and I cannot ask for any more for myself.

This Christmas, if you don’t mind, I’d ask for the beautiful residents of Hattiesburg to continue to strive to speak a language that celebrates our strengths, is frank about our weaknesses, and strives to find common ground while celebrating positive diversity. Seems to me, Santa, sometimes we all need a reminder that we never lose when our actions are characterized by kindness towards all those with whom our paths cross. May we forgive quickly when it’s needed, remember that laugher is the best medicine, help shoulder someone else’s troubles whenever possible, and all work together to connect and create with the mind-boggling & brilliant display of humanity found right here in our wonderful city.

Cathy Eaker, Founder, Hattiesburg Kindness Project



Dear Santa,
Christmas is one of our favorite times as well as busiest times at The Arc Southeast Mississippi! Our individuals with disabilities are busy learning Christmas songs for show choir, making pottery ornaments and other pieces of pottery, and doing other crafts to prepare for the season….they too are busy little elves!

The Arc Southeast Mississippi feels really blessed this year.  Not only have we had success with fundraisers, but we have had great volunteers.  We live in one of the best communities and we are so thankful for what we have and what we can offer for individuals with disabilities.  We are also proud of the acceptance that we feel in Hattiesburg, and that we have found so many ways to be contributing members and give back to our community. This truly is a special gift to us throughout the year.

There are a few needs that we have that could make 2018 one of the best years ever!  Our wish list includes the following:

• Furniture: sofa and love seat

• White sheets: single beds (30), full beds (6)

• Bath linens: white

• Kitchen towels & dish cloths

• Gift Cards: Walmart, Target, Bed Bath  

 & Beyond, Dollar General, Lowe’s, Home Depot

• Community experiences for individuals with disabilities: hunting, fishing, cooking classes, manicures

• Van

• Office Supplies

• Cleaning Supplies

• Paper products

• Volunteers: to teach hand bells, assist with pottery, cooking classes, exercise classes, musicians to perform, storytelling, etc. We LOVE volunteers!

• Maintenance projects: repairs, painting, small construction

Santa, we really have been good this year….we seem to love unconditionally, live simplistically, and we love our lives!  We thank you for considering our wish list, but more than anything we wish for love, happiness, peace and health among our community.

The Arc Southeast Mississippi



Dear Santa,
The Hattiesburg Arts Council is first and foremost grateful for the wonderfully artistic community in which we live. We have had an inspiring year of art and we look forward to sharing our upcoming events, workshops, exhibits and smART space activities with you this upcoming New Year. We wish you all the comforts and joy of this holiday season, and thank you for the support you have given HAC to keep the ARTS present and experienced in our community.  Santa, if you want to fill our stocking with in-kind goods or monetary needs, we promise to send you a tax deduction letter just as soon as it is received. 

Hattiesburg Arts Council’s 12 Needs of Christmas:

1) Dress-up clothes, hats, costumes or accessories for HAC smART space program

2) “Sculpy Clay Multipacks” for craft making with smART space students

3) Breakfast pastries – Sandwiches or lunch entrée donation for 50 Pine Belt K-12 Teachers at our Thursday, Jan. 4, Professional Development workshop at the Cultural Center from 8am-3pm

4) Adult or Children photographers to enter photos in our January amateur photography competition.  (See website for details)

5) Donated gift certificates or prizes for the Jan. 20 Annual Amateur Photography competition for adults and children

6) Wine or appetizer donations for our special exhibits and event receptions held year round at the Hattiesburg Cultural Center

7) Buffet brunch food donations for the Saturday, Feb. 3 “Get a Dose of the Holy Ghost” Gospel brunch with Kathy Lee Jackson and friends.

8) Year round miscellaneous office supplies

9) Philanthropists interested in naming opportunities for art discipline studios at the new and upcoming community arts center at the former Hattiesburg American Building.

10) Stock the little free libraries with gently used books

11) Volunteers needed to help with receptions, exhibits and special events

12) Sign up for the basic foundation art classes and creative writing and poetry courses offered at the HAC Open Studio on Front Street from Jan. 20-March 10.  (See website for details) 

Go to our website: HattiesburgArtsCouncil.org for more details about upcoming events, exhibits, competitions, workshops and classes.  Membership and gift donation information is also available on our website.  All gifts and donations are tax deductible in compliance with IRS regulations. Remember to follow us on Facebook.

Rebekah Stark Johnson, Hattiesburg Arts Council



Dear Santa,
Wow! What a year 2017 has been for the remarkably resilient Panther Nation – my students, colleagues, community, and “family” in the Petal School District.  We’ve weathered storms (both literal and figurative) to achieve the honor of being Mississippi’s top-rated district. Most importantly, however, we’ve learned to lean on one another to experience the transformative power of team. 

So, what can we ask for when we’ve already been blessed with so much? Well, first and foremost, please help us maintain that ever-elusive attitude of gratitude, seeking joy and perspective throughout good days and bad. May we never forget the influence our positivity can have on others, remembering that kindness multiplies rather than divides.  A little bit of encouragement truly can go a long way! 

But help us stay focused, as well, on this roller coaster we call public education. If it wouldn’t be too much to ask, can you remind us here and there that good is often the enemy of great? May we always strive to grow and thrive, from the students to the principals, the custodians to the coaches.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, and we have over 4,000 of them!

At the end of the day, what I love about my Petal School District family isn’t quantifiable or based on accolades.  The magic is inside the hearts of the extraordinary people that call Petal home, and that is what I hope you’ll help us keep alive in 2018.

Be careful out there.  I’d hate for you to lose any reindeer to our expert (if sometimes over-zealous) South Mississippi outdoorsmen.

Luke Daniels, Petal Upper Elementary Math Teacher, Petal School District



Dear Santa,
As you know, the Southern Miss Alumni Association celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017! Our first century of service to The University of Southern Mississippi was marked by legislative advocacy on behalf of the University, the development of time-honored traditions and the generation of private funding for Southern Miss and her students. We are incredibly proud of the work we have done as the driving force in advancing the institution to its greatest potential.

So, where do we go in the next 100 years? That’s where you come in, Santa. I’m asking for alumni of Southern Miss to remember their student experiences – Painting of the Eagle Walk, tailgating in The District, gamedays at The Rock, philanthropy events with their Greek organization, symphony orchestra performances, capstone class presentations and more – and choose to be a part of the future of their alma mater.

It is my sincere hope that the graduates of this fine institution will explore new and creative ways to become involved, such as speaking to a group of students, purchasing season tickets for athletics and the arts, attending an alumni event in their hometown or helping encourage a student to attend Southern Miss (put that one at the top of my list!).

As a reminder, annual membership in the Alumni Association is only $19.17, and we are offering $100 off Life Memberships through the end of this year. I can’t think of a better gift to slip into those Christmas stockings! Send your elves to SouthernMissAlumni.com/1917 for details.

Thanks, Santa, for helping us continue to take Southern Miss to the Top!

Jerry B. DeFatta Jr., Executive Director, Southern Miss Alumni Association



Dear Santa,
As  the holiday season is upon us and we all begin feeling just a little more hectic than usual - working to find the perfect gift, attending all the holiday concerts, visiting with family and friends, and dealing with all of those who are trying to do the same thing at the same time - please bring us patience to not sweat the small stuff and gratitude for being able to do

all of these things.  While our shopping lists are long and "to do" lists are even longer, help us remember it's a gift to live in a place that offers so much and demands so little. So, Santa, I ask you to help us all remember to give back to those around us who give so much to make our area special and also remember those who need our help to make Christmas a little merrier.

Dr. Mike Lopinto
FestivalSouth Artistic Director
Founding Director, The Hub City Players



Dear Santa,
On Christmas Eve when you pass over the campuses of America’s colleges and universities across the nation, it may seem all is calm, but that is not the reality. These are challenging times in higher education due to tight budgets and difficult fiscal times.

Luckily at The University of Southern Mississippi, we have folks who see that changes need to happen, and they are working to make those changes. Of course, change is not easy, Santa, which is why I figure you have kept things pretty much the same at the North Pole for all of these years.

So Santa, my wish for Christmas is that you bring calm (and hopefully some generous donations) to Southern Miss and the greater Hattiesburg area, as we move forward into the New Year. This year brought witness to the Hattiesburg community coming together through difficult times, such as the latest tornado where Southern Miss did all it could to assist our William Carey University neighbors, to the more fun times, such as so many coming together to celebrate live music outdoors in beautiful Chain Park through the Levitt AMP Hattiesburg Music Series.

I look forward to Christmas Eve services at Trinity Episcopal Church, where we sing Silent Night by candlelight and then leave the service listening for the bells on your sleigh. Thanks for all you do to make this time of year greatly cherished.

Cindy Blackwell,
The University of Southern Mississippi School of Mass Communication and Journalism


To the Main in the Red Suit,
We know you’re gearing up to #VisitHBURG soon, sure to bring cheer to everyone who is just passing through and those who call Hattiesburg home too! The Visitors Center is colorfully decorated and ready to serve you hot coffee and cookies to keep you warm on your journey.  Please don’t forget to sign our guest book!

 We promise we’ve been very good this year, so please put us on the nice list.  Just ask our visitors, who made us the third most visited city in Mississippi! We hosted more than 1.8 million visitors who spent nearly $274 million in our local economy.  They’ve told us they love our new website too! In fact, we brought home the Mississippi Tourism Association award for Tourism Promotion of the Year at the 2017 Governor’s Conference this fall for HBURG’s brand new website and tourism video.  Santa, check it out at VisitHBURG.org to plan your perfect trip back to the Hub City!

 As the holiday season winds down, we are thinking about the wishes we have for 2018.  This year our wish for HBURG will be an easy one! We are working with all of our partners to promote Hattiesburg as the perfect visitor destination.  We want visitors to enjoy our vibrant city, whether that means enjoying our historic downtown and eye-catching art immersed in our community, along with abundant shopping, numerous live music venues, and hundreds of restaurants and local eateries. Don’t forget, we have great hotels for our guests to stay in for one night or for one week! By the way, we have two new hotels opening in 2018, bringing our total number of hotel rooms to nearly 3,000.  So, do take a break, Santa, and come back to relax. Stay a while after all your deliveries are made!

 We at the Hattiesburg Tourism Commission are looking forward to getting even more involved in our community this coming year! We are thankful for our industry partners who strive daily to share our famous Mississippi hospitality to every person who steps through their doors.  We’re on a mission to help promote their locations as tourism hotspots!

Safe travels, Mr. Claus! We can’t wait for you to craft your own adventure with us. Onward and upward!



Dear Santa,
This is Kuasa, the Sumatran tiger here at the Hattiesburg Zoo. The animals asked me to write this letter on all of our behalf. Chewy, the male Hoffman’s two-toed sloth, wanted to write it, but his claws kept tearing the paper. Plus, it took him 10 minutes to write one word.

We are very excited for Christmas here at the Zoo! Our keepers and the rest of our human friends are working really hard to get the Zoo ready for the holidays. There are a few things we animals would like for Christmas that would really make us happy. I think we’ve all been pretty good this year, so I hope we are all on your nice list and can get some of the items on our list.

Most of us really like to play with dog toys, but we aren’t supposed to share. If we could get some more toys, we could spread them around and all have our own. The birds can’t have them, though. They like their chewable bird toys better and could definitely use some more. Rascal, our citron crested cockatoo, squawks a lot, so the rest of us animals like it when he has something in his mouth to entertain him.

We need lots of towels. Our keepers do a really good job of keeping us and our crates clean, and fresh towels help them do that. They don’t have to be new. We’re animals. We don’t mind old towels as long as they do their job.

We need small blankets, too. Cinna, our hedgehog, and Copper, our ambassador prairie dog, both love to curl up in their blankets to take naps. The macaques love blankets too, but they throw them around their enclosure. Silly primates!

Space heaters always come in handy. Even in Mississippi, it can get pretty chilly. All of us want to be comfortable in the winter months, especially those who like warm climates. To make sure we are all in our proper temperature, our keepers attach small thermometers to our crates and tanks. We could use some of those, too!

Chewy and Mo, his female sloth friend, are from the cloud rainforest. To keep their enclosure as much like home as possible, they need a humidifier.

Our keepers use spices, cologne and perfume for food and scent enrichment. Our sense of smell is very important to our survival and helps our keepers create interesting experiences for us. Even used bottles do the job. I’m sure Mrs. Claus has some old bottles of perfume she doesn’t wear anymore.

When we aren’t in our enclosures or are taken out into the Pine Belt for our edZOOcation programs, some of us go into crates. We need LOTS of pet crates in all sizes. We are healthy, growing animals, so our crates need to be updated as we get bigger.

Finally, one thing us animals love to do is eat. Our keepers like to feed us in aluminum bowls, because they are really hard for us to bend and break, even when you are a strong tiger like me. There

are a lot of mouths to feed over here, so we could use lots of bowls.

I hope we didn’t ask for too much. We have a pretty great life over here, but there are always things we could use that will make it even better. And don’t worry about getting lost when you come to Hattiesburg on Christmas Eve. The Zoo will be all lit up for Zoo Lights, so we will be easy to find.

From all of us at the Zoo, we hope you, Mrs. Claus, the elves and the reindeer all have a Merry Christmas!

The animals of the Hattiesburg Zoo
P.S. – Talon and Nugget, our two golden eagles, keep telling me to ask for USM victories. I tried to tell them Santa doesn’t control sports games, but I decided to put it in the letter anyway so they will stop flapping their wings at me. Have you seen the wingspan on those two?




Dear Santa,
This year, as we hurry through the holidays, would you give us reminders to take time for the things that make a difference? I’ve included them in my wish list below.

 … a kind word aptly spoken

… a caring and reassuring touch

… support from those whom we love, and those we don’t even know

… joy in the quiet moments and the loud ones

… meals that fill our tummies and feed our souls with thankfulness

… quiet time to reflect on that thankfulness

This year, Santa, give us what is most important – a healthy community, filled with people who care for each other.

With Gratitude,
Phebe McKay,  Chief Nursing Officer, Merit Health Wesley




Dear Santa,
I  want to say thank you to all of our donors and wonderful volunteers we have...... we could not do the job we do without them! We are attacking cancer from every angle and we need more passionate volunteers to help lead the fight for a world without cancer!! Thank you so much!!!                                   

Carla Kyzar and Your American Cancer Society


Dear Santa,
As you load your sleigh with the season’s hottest gifts, I hope you will consider adding a few special concoctions to everyone’s stocking. If you could mix up a batch of humility, a cup of kindness, a tablespoon of love for our neighbors, a smidge of learning how to forgive others, a few drops of patience, and a couple pounds of optimism, that would be great. Some people will need a few more servings than others. You can go ahead and count me in for the maximum dose!

You see, Santa, I am afraid that we have forgotten how to love others. I am scared that our world, with the bad news that surrounds us daily, has robbed us of our joy and our ability to be good neighbors. Hopefully, your special concoction will remind us that we’re all in this together.


Your friend,
Joshua Wilson, Marketing Manager, Munn Enterprises



Dear Santa:
Let me explain...Kidding, of course I’ve been nice this year – or I’ve at least tried.

I hope all is well up north. We are all looking forward to your annual Southern trek to the Hospitality state and more specifically, the Hub City. I know you are a busy guy and I’m not sure how deserving I am for anything of a personal nature, but a few things come to mind for my Christmas list for our corner of the world.

Hattiesburg is a haven for creativity. Our city is on track to becoming THE destination for music, culture and overall quality of life in the Gulf States. Help us continue to grow community advocacy to make that happen. Our recently-elected community leaders are a great gift and some I believe you will be able to work well with.

Our universities and colleges are an incredible gift as well. My alma mater, Southern Miss, continues to make me a proud alumnus. Working on campus is wonderful too. I am not sure what I did to deserve such great parking, but if I could receive that again, that would be great. SMTTT!

On a global scale, I guess my largest wish would be empathy for one another. Fostering productive and open dialogue is the only way many of our problems are going to be resolved. I feel like you could help with that.

Oh, and since your full name is Saint Nicholas, I have one more thing. If you could visit some of your peers in New Orleans, I would appreciate it. Give them whatever they want as long as it keeps them at the top of the NFC South.

Hunter White
P.S. Save the neck for me.



Dear Santa -
Look I know I have not been the best writer I could be this year, so I would like you to bring sweets and goodies to those who rifle through the wreckage I type and make something readable and well designed from it. 2017 has been a rollercoaster year for so many people. While most of us see the year ending and shiny new one waiting in the wings, some of us carry pain, anxiety and crushing loneliness into this new year. Could you Santa simply have those people know that we most wish to assuage the pain in those who hurt, we wish to calm those who are troubled, distressed and worried; and to those feel so isolated and forsaken - please tell them that they are not alone and loved. They are so loved.

Mik Davis



Dear Santa,
What's up man?! Hope all is well at the 'Pole. Aside from the oppressive heat that only recently subsided, Hattiesburg has had a great year.

I guess the million dollar question is what do I want for Christmas? Well, for myself I want absolutely nothing. Nothing except for my life to continue to be as full and rich as it has been during the past year. God is so good that, honestly Santa, sometimes it freaks me out.

So, with me out of the way, I would like to use my small space on your nice list for Hattiesburg Arts Council. As you know Santa, politics are insanely insane and we have lost some of our funding this year due to that insanity. If you would please whisper into peoples ears (when you creep into their homes on the 25th) to become members of Hattiesburg arts Council that would be an awesome gift. Just let them know that it's not expensive to join and that all of that money goes directly to supporting the out reach programs, the children's smART space programs, The Imagineering of the community arts center and our presence at all outdoor events including Live at Five, the Latin festival, Mobile St., Festival just to name a few.

They can go to www.hattiesburgartscouncil.org to sign up.

Aside from that wish, world peace would be nice.

Give my love to that sexy wife of yours. Hoping to see the two of you at a Hattiesburlesque show sometime soon!

Much love,
Abigail Lenz Allen



Dear Santa-
As life-long merchants, we marvel in the amazing global brand you've created:

...Perfect gifts for all, good cheer, a great costume, and INSTANT positive recognition , all over our unique, diversified world.

We wish passionately for joy, love, peace, prosperity and renewed understanding that - in the words of Emerson :

" All of us are needed by each one -

Nothing and no one is fair and good alone.”

And, Santa, please add a HUGE bag of respect, and deliver that first!

Your fans,
Rita and Milton Waldoff


Dear Santa,
Have you been to Petal lately? You won’t believe how incredibly well the city has banded together to come back stronger than ever after the tornado in January! Oh, Santa! I hope you have time to shop local and find the perfect gift for everyone on your Nice List (psst… can you add me please?!)! You can’t help but notice all the Christmas cheer and happy faces greeting you. Like me, they probably know you’re not a Petal native, but you’ll never feel like an outsider.  Petal truly is the Friendly City. Pop on by the Performing Arts Center at Petal High School! They’ve got a great line up of events for the season! If you haven’t heard, they are the No. 1 School District in Mississippi. We’re pretty proud of our students!  Santa, there are so many great people and places to meet in Petal. I’d love to tell you about them all, but I know you have to get ready for Christmas!

Forever Believing,
Brittney Saulters