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  • A Dose of the Holy Ghost

    A Dose of the Holy Ghost

    A few years ago, while visiting her brother in New York City, arts council director Rebekah Stark Johnson read a news article about a Harlem church that catered to the curiosity of visitors. People from far and wide would purchase tickets to experience the soulful worship of a traditional African American gospel church.
    The familiar traditional sounds that come from the open doors of churches right here in Mississippi, accentuate the spirit that makes us unique. 

  • Homes of Hope

    Homes of Hope

    The third annual Si Robertson Sporting Clay Competition to benefit Homes of Hope for Children will take place Friday, March 23, at Pine Belt Gun Club in Lumberton. Quickly growing to be one of the top skeet shooting tournaments in the state, last year’s event boasted more than 400 contestants along with top-notch food and beverages all at one of the newest private shooting clubs in the South.

  • Turn $100 Into $100K

    Turn $100 Into $100K

    The chance of having an extra $100 grand doesn’t happen all that often. United Way of Southeast Mississippi (SEMS) makes that dream a close reality each year through the United Way $100K Payday fundraiser. Last year, it happened for retired Army veteran Onix Rodriguez.

  • From a Fruit Cart

    From a Fruit Cart

    Some people judge towns by their population.  Others judge them by amenities such as parks and playgrounds.  Many consider school systems and tax policies.

    I judge towns by the quality and longevity of their small independent diners and cafes.

    For 94 years, the Coney Island Café has defined my hometown of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

    Arthur Fokakis, the original owner, emigrated here from Greece in 1923.

    He got his start by selling fruit from a pushcart parked under a large shade tree near the railroad tracks on Main Street.

  • Frank's Circus

    Frank's Circus

    Frances Palmer Allen Broome like most 10-year-olds enjoys a good birthday party just like the next person. But having an artsy  mother, like Abigail Lenz Allen, adds another element the mix. You never know what incredible outcome there might be. And when your birthday is on Halloween – Oct. 31 – that adds a whole other element to the party plans.

    Allen said every single year as Halloween approaches, Frances makes it very clear that she wants a carnival-themed birthday party.

  • Mystic Krewe of Zeus: Dinner Dance

    The Mystic Krewe of Zeus celebrated the beginning of the carnival season at its annual Dinner Dance on Saturday, Jan. 27, at the Lake Terrace Convention Center.

  • King & Queen Fabian

    King & Queen Fabian

    King Fabian III, Scott Nelson

    Scott Nelson is a native of Hattiesburg. He graduated from Hattiesburg High in 1972 where he was a member of the Tiger basketball state championship team. Deciding to stay in Hattiesburg, Scott attended the University of Southern Mississippi where he received a degree in business administration and later a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for several years Scott moved to Jackson, Miss., where on a blind date he met his lifelong soulmate, Pearl Signa from Greenville.

  • Elks Krewe Celebrates Mardi Gras

    The new Royalty are King Elk LII, Scott Miller of Oak Grove and Queen Elk LII, Pam Compton of Moselle.
    The evening began with the Krewe Cocktail Party. Guests were greeted by King Elk LI Ed Shaw and his spouse, Mary; Queen Elk LI Lou Murphy and Krewe Captain Mike Compton, and his wife, Pam. The theme for the evening was “Moonlight Masquerade.” 


Eat, drink, and be merry
  • Signature Magazine's Top Chef: Will Taylor

    Signature Magazine's Top Chef: Will Taylor


    What’s one ingredient that you can't live without? Greek yogurt

    What’s your favorite type of music to listen to when cooking? JJ Grey & Mofro or Widespread Panic either or is alright by me.

    If you could cook for anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?  John Daly – I feel like he’d love a Pepperjack Gyro and the stories would be great!

    What’s your favorite ethnic cuisine? Mediterranean

  • Glory Bound Gyro (and Great) Company

    Glory Bound Gyro (and Great) Company

    Food with Friends is our new direction for the Signature Eats page. Join us as Allison Neville, Evan Curry, Brittany Purvis and Jamie Massengale eat their way across the Pine Belt.